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Enhanced with each Perception

Why elPixala?

  • When you choose to join elPixala, you join forces with some of the most Dynamic Web and Mobile App Development Teams.
  • Opportunity to be more than an employee. A Partner to our growth.
  • The rewarding career you’re looking for is at elPixala and we invite you to explore your New Chapter.

Our Values & Culture

We are elpixala’s team

We are passionate to the core about what we do, and are immensely proud of what we have created & accomplished so far.

Whatever we do as individuals, as a team, is closely guided by our values. So, essentially every decision, every action, every professional of elPixala is inspired by and embodies our values.

Our culture is pretty simple. We work hard to get things done, strive to achieve our goals, contribute as individuals and as team players. And, when our hard work pays off, we celebrate!

To follow transparent & open communication; inside and out. To say what we mean and honor our words. To be honest, respectful and ethical in our ways and practices.

To involve our employees in the ideation process and nurture their intellect by innovation & creativity. Together, we focus on improving what we do and stretching the limits of what’s possible.

To empower our employees and encourage them to achieve excellence in all that they do. To give them freedom and trust their capability to deliver their commitments.

To provide our employees with opportunities and experiences that help them to grow and learn, both as a professional and as a human being. For us, learning is an on-going and an everyday process to a better self.

To be curious and generally interested in things. To be brave enough to explore new ideas and experiment with them. And, to have fun through our work, celebrate success and to always carry our invisible Ninja swords (just in case!)

Current Job Openings

We have great people in place and we are looking for more.

SEO Specialist

2 openings

We are hiring SEO professionals with a mastery of on-page/off-page optimization, proficiency in SEO tools such as Google Analytics and more, and a proven track record in keyword research and implementation.

Frontend Developer

2 openings

We are hiring Frontend Developers with proficiency in Next.js and Tailwind CSS. Ideal candidates possess expertise in responsive web design, animation implementation, and a strong command of JavaScript.

Backend Developer

2 openings

We are hiring Backend Developer proficient in backend technologies. The ideal candidate should possess hands-on experience in API integration, robust database management, and expertise in server-side languages, ensuring the seamless implementation of advanced backend solutions.

Full Stack Developer

2 openings

We are hiring Full Stack Developer proficient in technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, and React. The ideal candidate will demonstrate expertise in front-end and back-end development, possess strong API integration skills, and exhibit proficiency in database management.

Graphic Designer

2 openings

We’re seeking candidates proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, with a strong portfolio showcasing expertise in designing skills.

Social Media Strategists

2 openings

We’re seeking candidates with proficiency in social media analytics, adept at crafting engaging content, and a strategic mindset for campaign optimization.